How to select and use our products

The selection of products
Abrasives We mainly use Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide grains. Silicon Carbide is harder, sharper and tends to cut faster and produce finer scratch patterns on most surfaces. Aluminium Oxide is more durable, lasts longer and is more aggressive on certain applications such as hardened steel.

Normally, it will be more density and more hard, if the weight of the wheel is big. But it is not always like this, it also depend on the combination of abrasive, glue and fiber. Under identical conditions harder density wheels cut faster, last longer and produce finer finishes than softer density wheels. Softer density wheels offer greater conformability and less tendency to load or burn the workpiece.

The color depends on the color of abrasive, green wheels use green Silicon Carbide. So for different workpiece of different material, we must use different color of wheel. But it is not always like this, because we add some dyestuff according to the requirements of our clients.

The size(diameter and width) depends on the workpiece and machine, and the shape and diameter of the core mainly depend on the shaft of the machine.

Maximum wheel life and best surface conditioning results can be achieved by closely adhering to the following recommendations.

Speed Wheel
speed is an important factor in that it affects product finish, rate of cut, and wheel life. The actual speed should decided by the material of the workpiece and required finish effect. Never exceed the maximum R.P.M. rating of the wheel.

Convolute Wheels must always be run in the direction indicated by the arrow printed on the side of each wheel. Other kind of Wheels can be run in either direction.

Light to medium pressure is recommended for most operations. Flap Wheels require much lighter pressure to perform properly than other wheels. In all cases, avoid excessive pressure which may result in wheel deformation and damage to the work surface.

Oscillation may be used to break-up scratch lines and produce a more uniform finish.

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